We are experts at predictive modelling and big data digestion.  

What we do

We are passionate about data, about learning, and about number crunching.  

We are data savants from NASA used to diving in large  pools of data with tuned strokes of insight.

Smart Locus software automatically manages and optimizes BMS systems in real time. The solution reduces office building HVAC energy by 70%-80% while improving occupants comfort.  In addition, based on our predictive machine learning technology the software protects BMS  component failure and mismanagement risk.  




Our Team




Michael Sadetsky

Founder and Head of Product  


Prior to starting  SmartLocus, he led marketing and business development at Ascend Communications and Systems Engineering at Network Equipment Technology;  He served at Centauri Networks as Founder and CEO; VoraxRD.com as VP Marketing;  as well as FourTen Systems, and WaiLAN communications.  He attended Tashkent Polytechnic Institute and holds an MSEE

No Risk

No upfront investment, neither hardware (not even sub-meters) nor software, or additional resources commitment required. We complement existing building BAS. We will NOT interfere with central plant operations.

How it works


After processing building data, the algorithm issues a potential energy savings report. There is no cost or contractual obligation.  Once energy savings is identified, the Smart Locus  system may be initialized to select zones or suites in the building to  minimize tenant disruption. The entire building control shall be carefully and gradually staged according to building manager’s plans.


Victor  Taylor

Founder and CTO, PhD


Prior to starting Smart Locus, his experience spans innovation in research at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory; UCLA, and NASDA (National Space Development Agency) of Japan. He was partner and founder of Applied Curiosity and Earth News. Earlier in his career he was engineer at HP and Rockwell. He holds  a PhD in Computer Science from the Polish National Academy of Sciences and MS and BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M.

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Greg Goelz

President and CEO


An accomplished IT executive with 30 years of experience building and managing successful technology organizations. Prior to joining SmartLocus, Greg was CEO of CloudByte, General Manager of the Enterprise Storage Solutions (ESS) business unit at SanDisk Corporation and has held executive-level global positions at startups and Fortune 500 companies. Greg holds a MBA degree from the University of San Diego and a BSIE from Lehigh University.


Richard M. Brenner

Board Member and Former CEO of the Brenner Group


Director Emeritus & Founder of Bridge Bank Capital Holdings (NASDAQ:BBNK); Formaster Corporation (NASDAQ: FMST; Corvus Systems (NASDAQ: CRVS), US Leasing International (NYSE: USLI), ITEL Corporation (NYSE: ITEL), National BankAmericard (now VISA) and Autographic Business Forms Inc.; Venture capital consultant to Hillman Ventures.


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