Smart Locus unlocks the power of artificial intelligence to reinvent the management and optimization of office buildings to dramatically improve the carbon footprint and to protect the system from potential failure and mismanagement risks. With SmartLocus, building managers are empowered to focus on the overall decision making process instead of routine operational tasks.


The rocket science driving this improvement is a combination of predictive monitoring, comfort optimization, and strategic optimization of HVAC systems without the need for the manager to monitor the computer system, set comfort points, or model the building for future evolution. These technologies combine the cloud, tenant occupancy, weather information and big data with artificial intelligence to determine the best strategy to save energy while optimizing comfort.



Power of Data

The Demo Building 2 is displayed.  Suite and zone level granularity is available real time.


Visual Analytics uses historical data to demonstrate the statistical capability and visualization.


Demo Building, California

Two data streams both live and historical demonstrate our data visualization and statistics.  

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Smart Locus©2016 | Copyright Policy

Smart Locus©2016 | Copyright Policy


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