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Running an effective system means taking advantage of all of the available resources such as weather forecasts. Review our powerpoint demo for more details of our smart product approach.


Review our powerpoint demo for more details of our smart product approach.  




Below, we’ve outlined insights into SmartLocus ' strategy.  You'll find out what sets us apart: A successful energy management system that provides a symphony of data, attribution and optimization.  


SmartLocus' Saas products and data from the building are interfaced via the internet, while data storage is maintained in the cloud.  SmartLocus provides SaaS-based Management and Optimization for Commercial HVAC systems. It automatically suggests real time optimizations to the BAS programming and sequences of operation. This self-adaptive solution continuously optimizes the building’s HVAC efficiency and is based on our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


This approach provides up to 50%-70% cost savings and requires no investment or customers’ resources to achieve the results. These benefits are achieved while drastically improving individual occupant comfort levels using our smartphone app or the web-based interface.

Data Flow 


A Smart Approach


A fair analogy is Internet search services. While the Internet infrastructure had already been established and information on the Internet had been widely available for many years, the real productivity benefits were not recognized until internet search became available.


Similarly, the same situation applies to the Smart Locus solution. Whereas the building's infrastructure foundation and building data have been available for some time, the real benefits are recognized upon applying SmartLocus technology. The SmartLocus solution is standards-compliant for both newly installed and existing sensors and optimization.

Smart Locus Saas products and building data interface via the internet. Data storage is maintained on the cloud.

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